Optomechanics and Spin Transfer at McGill

Cavity photons coupled to the drumhead motion of a 50-nanometer-thick membrane (not a photograph).

Our goal is to develop a coherent interface between solid mechanical sensors, photons, quantum emitters, and (most recently) spin-transfer-driven nanoscale magnetic circuits. Along the way, we also develop some of the world’s most sensitive optical & mechanical systems.

Current Research Focus Areas

We have built a set of ultrasensitive technologies and techniques that pave the way toward single-photon optomechanics in the quantum regime, previously unimagined levels of optomechanical control, and spin-transfer controlled quantum emitters in diamond.

Open Positions (Students graduating! Apply today!)

Our research group is always looking for motivated students and postdocs.

  • Graduate and undergraduate positions are available to experimentally-inclined students with a background in physics or engineering
  • Postdoctoral positions may be available for qualified applicants in a related field

Strong preference will be given to candidates enthusiastic about fostering a supportive environment for McGill’s diversity of population and perspectives. The best science comes from our combined efforts!

Common Funding Opportunities

  • Our Group
  • NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • NSERC Graduate Scholarships
  • FRQNT Graduate Scholarships
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

McGill University, Canada’s top ranked university, is located in the centre of downtown Montréal, a vibrant, artistic, dual-language city recently named the world’s best city for students. McGill’s primary language is English, and one can navigate the city in French or English. The cost of living is quite low, and graduate students live comfortably within walking distance of downtown. There also exists a large network of bicycle paths, a bike-sharing program, and a viable mass transit system including subways with rubber tires, trains with metal wheels, buses with rubber tires, and “drive-and-leave” electric cars (operated with the same proxy card). I haven’t needed a car since I arrived, which is awesome. McGill and the Province of Québec also have generous and family-friendly policies.